Wednesday, 17 August 2011


                                   CHAPTER 47

More than an hour had passed. Most of the guests were still there in the exhibition hall, when Kamal noticed Ferit entering the gate. Dressed in light brown colored pent and shirt, he was pushing a wheel chair. He noted a lady sitting on the chair. She was wearing a beautifully stitched long pink dress, with Chinese designs on it. Her shoulder long black hairs were nicely trimmed. She was wearing a pink lipstick.

There was no doubt that she was the one he had been looking for. He recognized her with the very first sight. “So this is the surprise Ferit, that you promised yesterday “, he asked. Ferit nodded. There was nothing left to be said for him. He was too happy.

“Oh my God, you are Applegreen, my Applegreen,” Kamal was out of his control in joy. His voice choked and he found himself lost in his sentiments. The lady whom he loved was there in front of him. But he managed to control himself. They shook hands. None of them said anything other than a simple hello. A very serious Kamal had taken over the sentimental Kamal.
Kamal, got hold of the wheel chair, and started pushing that, slowly, showing her his paintings one by one.

Feriha too was stunned. The man he wanted to be with was finally with her. She wanted to cry, but could not. Her eyes were filled, everything appeared dimmed to her. She was overexcited. But the sober behaviour of Kamal

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