Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Not much time had passed. All of a sudden everything became crystal clear to Kamal. “Yes it must be like that,” he said to himself, with confidence. He had solved the problem. “There must be two paintings,” he started adjusting the scattered pieces of the puzzle together. He was sure, that the house where he was sitting was not where he must have been by now. “This is not her house,” he stopped himself from shouting. Mehmet was sitting very near to him.

He too was an artist, and he knew that an artist may make the same painting twice. But there must always be some difference between the two. No artist can paint exactly the same, particularly that of nature. How so professional the artist might be, a careful scrutiny could find the differences.

In his opinion, Ferit had made two identical paintings of two tulips, and had sold them to two different persons. One of them must be Applegreen. The other one must be the wife of Mehmet. He had solved the puzzle correctly.

Having understood the situation he started thinking about his next step. One wrong step of his, might lead him to a disaster. He was sure of his success, provided all his next steps were correctly taken.

“I think, there is a big misunderstanding among us,” Kamal said to Mehmet, who appeared more concerned with the ongoing football match. But he turned his face towards him, depicting his willingness to know what he was going to say. He told him that he was not Susanta, he was Kamal. He was not an Indian living in Singapore, he was an artist from Karachi, Pakistan. “I think the two have been mixed up,” he said. Mehmet appeared unconcerned. He had had listened  the same story so many times since he had brought Kamal to his house.  However, moments later, he replied back. “Look whosoever, you are, and that doesn’t

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