Wednesday, 17 August 2011


moment. But the sound of the telephone had already disturbed his concentration. He had had to pick up the phone.

“How are you”, Kamal recognized the voice. Ferit was there on the phone. He was glad to hear his voice. The whole Istanbul expedition, flashed through his memory. He was happy to receive the phone. Ferit asked him if he was interested in having an exhibition of his paintings in Istanbul.

“Ha hahaha,” Kamal laughed. “How come such an idea came to your mind”, he asked. Ferit told him, about his plan of exhibiting his works in Istanbul. He was going to help him in organizing everything. “You know why I am doing all this,” Ferit asked. “Why”, Kamal asked. “Just to see you and your paintings”, Ferit appeared in a jolly mood.

The two artists discussed the details of the proposed exhibition, and agreed to remain in contact in future, to finalize the deal.

Kamal was more than happy. He would once again be having a chance to restart searching for Applegreen/Feriha. “Will I be able to find her this time”, he asked himself. However, this time he was more confident on one side, because he did have a better knowledge of Istanbul, but he was more cautious, because of his very dangerous experiences, that he had been through the last time.

But he was happy. At least, he was going to Istanbul. His beloved city, where the girl of his dreams was living. The city of love. The city of Applegreen.

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