Thursday, 18 August 2011


He was a fast painter, who had always been taking every painting as a challenge to him.  But this time he had worked wonders. He had completed that set of paintings in a record period of time. As he told to the press later on, that was a big challenge for him, so he worked day and night to finish them.

“Now, you people should look at my works, and then tell me how far I have succeeded,” he said to the members of the press, just before the opening of the exhibition.

Inside the exhibition hall, there was a different story. Everybody was busy in looking at the paintings. Paintings were very impressive. Twenty large canvasses in total. All speaking of the high quality of Kamal`s talent. He was perhaps at his best.

Kamal was a portrait painter. He usually painted portraits of young girls. Perhaps that was one of the reasons for his being more popular among the females.  This time too he had not deviated from his favorite subject. He again painted the female body. All the 20 paintings, large in size, were made up of the same model.

Who was this model, which Kamal had portrayed in his paintings?


But that was the question that everybody was having in mind. This time Kamal had deviated from his earlier practice of painting young girls. The paintings portrayed a middle aged woman. Everyone had noticed that, and was eager to find the reason for that. Kamal had indeed created a big suspense.

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