Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“Here she is,” he said to himself. He felt himself very satisfied because the lady, for whom he had taken so much pain, was there, with him. He had succeeded in achieving the ultimate goal. “My Applegreen is mine at last,” he said. “But remember my name is not what you think,” she replied with a broad smile playing over her pink lips. But name was no more important to him. Who cared about her name anymore? What would he do by knowing her real name then? She had been Applegreen for him, all this period; she was going to remain the same for him, for the rest of his life. He loved that name.

“You are my pink lady. You are my Applegreen, You are my everything,” he said loudly. “I love you,” said  Feriha. He looked at the beauty of her pink lips as they moved. She bent over him, and slowly the pink lips overlapped the weaker lips of his. The eyes were closed. They needed not to say anything else to each. The inner feelings of the two were transferring through from one to another. They were going through the best moments of their lives.

Within fractions of moments, all that they could not have said to each other all these months, were said and told to each other, without uttering a single word. The two bodies had ultimately succeeded in becoming one soul.

“Promise, that you would remain with me for your whole life,” he whispered in her ear. A spontaneous laugh burst out of her lips, which made him leave her pink lips. He wanted to see those lips laughing. “My God, do you still have doubts in your mind, Kamal”, she said, trying not to make the issue a controversial one. They had been arguing and fighting on the same topic since they met first on the net.

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