Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“Will you believe to what I would say?”,Feriha said. “Yes”, was the reply. Ferit sensed that a new row of arguments was about to commence. But on the other side he was very happy, that he had represented Feriha in the best possible manner, which Kamal never realized that those messages were not written by her. He felt himself proud of job well done by him.

There was a pause. There was no reply from Feriha. Everybody including Ferit was waiting for her reply.
“You should have known that”, she said. “What, how could I know that, if you don’t tell me,” Kamal replied, trying to keep himself cool. “Don’t you remember I had told you so many times, that I am a ghost? So believe me all these messages were written by the ghost”, she laughed. “Yes, the messages sent by one ghost were read by the other ghost,” Kamal replied with a burst of laughter. Feriha too joined him laughing.

The actual ghost too was laughing, standing there just behind them. He too was happy, seeing the two ghosts hugging and kissing each other. Feriha winked her eye towards him, and they both laughed.

                                   THE END

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