Thursday, 18 August 2011


two eggs.. He brought the omelet plate with bread. “Would you like to have something else too,” he had asked. “I don’t know,” was her reply. She was not clear in her mind, what to do next. She continued eating. He could not take his eyes away from her while continuing with his work. When finished she further stayed for a couple of more minutes and left after making the payment. Mehmet watched her going away.

“Will I be seeing her again, or was it the last chance to see her,” Mehmet had felt something being broken inside him, while seeing her going away. But before turning the corner, she turned back, saw Mehmet still standing in front of the restaurant, looking towards her. She smiled before turning away round the corner. Mehmet felt something unexplainable happening inside himself.

The time was 10 in the morning. The life in Istanbul was in full swing. Locals and tourists had filled the roads, markets and restaurants. Mehmet was busy with the customers, when he noticed her. She was about to enter the restaurant. He was surprised. She did have her breakfast here, just an hour back. He watched her entering the restaurant. She looked towards him, but went to the cash counter. “I have lost my purse,” she had asked the man on the cash counter. She told him that she was here around an hour ago, and she might have dropped her purse here. The man on the counter asked her to take her seat. He went in to ask if anybody had seen her purse. Nobody had seen that.

“There were my credit cards also in it. I am a tourist here, what should I do,” she was about to burst in tears. Mehmet was perplexed. He wanted to console her, but could not do anything for her. The boss of the restaurant told her that she should first go to the police to launch a

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