Thursday, 18 August 2011


boys, just to enjoy, and do leave them, when they find some other. “So don’t become their prey. Look, we are village people, and it’s only the girls of the village who can understand the village men. Neither the city girls can understand the boys from the village, nor the village boys can understand the cleverness of the girls from the large cities,” she appeared serious. Mehmet did not say a word, but laughed at her logic inside him.

The life was too fast in Istanbul, and the events had started unfolding so fast, that Mehmet  could not recall the advice of his mother, when he fell in love with Deniz, a city girl.

His mother had gone almost mad in anger, when Mehmet informed her about his plan to marry Deniz. It was a bombshell for the family. But the two lovers did not gave that too importance. Mehmet married Deniz, and his family boycotted.

“But it must not always go on like that for all times to come,” Mehmet said to himself. He wanted to win back the hearts of his parents, and to make Deniz the bride of the family. He had been thinking about that ever since they got married. But the fast Istanbul life, never gave them sufficient time to discuss this critical problem, and to find its solution.

In his opinion, once he visit  them together with Deniz, and Deniz show them her due respects, his parents would forget what had happened, and he would again be the same son of his mother that he used to be. Deniz too would be accepted as honorable daughter in the family.

But he was sure that Deniz would not accept that. However, he was determined to make her realize the need for doing all this.

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