Thursday, 18 August 2011


floors”, he used to say whenever Deniz wanted him to use the lift. They both usually climbed the stairs, two floors, hand in hand, laughing and joking. Lost in their dreams of future, they were a happy couple.

They had found this small flat in this red colored four storied building. The owner lady, who lived at the fourth floor of the building, lived alone there. She had never married. She was a middle aged lady who always appeared lost in her own thoughts.

“Deniz.” Mehmet shouted as he opened the door of his flat. It was a two bedroom reasonable flat. There was a sitting room just in front of the entrance door. On the left side was the kitchen, the two bedrooms were on the left side. Both of them had taken pain in decorating their home, within the means that they were having in their hand.

Deniz wanted to work somewhere. Mehmet had not agreed to it first. But within the passage of time, plus the constant persuasion from Deniz, the problem was solved. Deniz found a reasonable job in a local company, dealing in imports and exports. Her knowledge of English and computer played a major part in getting this job. She was appointed in the import section, usually dealing with the foreign suppliers, on internet. 

 She usually walked to and from her office, as it was in the same locality. Twice a day she thus passed from in front of the studio of Ferit, who used to wait for the time.

There was modest furniture in the house. However, Deniz had exhibited her color consciousness, in decorating the house. The sofa sets were of black color

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