Wednesday, 17 August 2011


hitting list, after Deniz and Susanta (?). He opened the main door of the main entrance, and himself came out of his flat to receive him. He did not know that Susanta too was accompanying Ferit.

From the door of his second floor flat, Mehmet saw Ferit and Susanta rushing into the building. Seeing Mehmet standing there, they preferred to come to him first. They came rushing from the stairs. Susanta, had never before climbed so fast in his life. He had had to follow Ferit, who was climbing fast in front of him.

“Do you know who lives in flat number 8 in your building?’ Ferit asked Mehmet, in a voice choked by excursion.  Mehmet was perplexed. He could not fathom out anything. He told him that the Landlady of the building lived in the 8th floor on the top floor. “Let’s go there immediately,” Ferit said.  He hurriedly started climbing the remaining two floors, to reach the fourth floor. “Tell me what’s going on,” Mehmet asked. “She needs immediate medical help. First call the ambulance,” Ferit asked. Mehmet turned back to call the ambulance.

“How could he be so sure of the situation?” Susanta was still confused. In his opinion, Ferit should have investigated first before rushing into all this that he was doing. None of them had however, not thought about the possibility of the door of the flat number 8 being closed. How that would be opened? They did realize this problem, once they reached the door with number 8on it. The white door was closed.

“She usually remains inside,” Mehmet said. He told them that the landlady was not a social person, and she usually remained lost in her own thoughts. But the door must be opened before the arrival of the ambulance. “Let’s try the

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