Wednesday, 17 August 2011


He clicked on the inbox section of messages in Kamal`s page. Outcome the messages received by him. All were sent by Applegreen. He opened a few, and read them. Next he opened the sent messages section, and found the last some messages sent by Kamal. Of course, all those messages were sent to Applegreen. Now Ferit was having a clear idea of the existing relationship between the two. They were in love.

He opened the laptop of Feriha, and browsed for Dabeggo. The site opened. The username of Applegreen was there. But where was the password. He remembered that he had saved the password too before taking the laptop off the table in Feriha`s room. But the password was not saved. Something had gone wrong. “I might have clicked at the wrong box in hurry,” That could be the case

Ferit had understood the whole situation. Everything was crystal clear. He understood how Kamal had taken the challenge put forth by Feriha so seriously, and the whole process which had led him ultimately to his studio. Ferit infact was a part of all that had happened thenceforth. He had understood everything. However, a question was still disturbing him. “Why Feriha had not replied to Kamal for last so many days”? He had to find answer of this question too.

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