Thursday, 18 August 2011


“Why was he waiting for me? Does he know me? If so, how? What does he has to discuss with me? What situation was he referring to?”, Kamal`s mind broke the main question into small questions, to simplify understanding the otherwise so complicated situation. Kamal had never thought of such a situation, which would come up all of a sudden from nowhere.

What he had thought of was very simple. He would take out the photo of the two tulips, and would ask if he (Ferit) could recall the buyer of that painting. Of course he (Ferit) would recall the name and/or address of the
buyer, and would guide him to her. She…..who was his pink lady, the Applegreen.

It was so simple a plan in his mind with which he had come to Istanbul, But he had never thought that it might change the course so abruptly, and in such a way that  his mind would boggle down. He found himself unable to trace the course, to find the way out.

He saw Ferit bringing the two glasses, filled to the top, the light red colored tea, put in the tiny glass plates. The tiny tea spoons, to shake the tea, completed the set. Ferit put the tiny box of sugar cubes on the small table in front of his guest, together with the glasses of the tea. He expected the guest to put the tea cubes in the tea glass put in his front. But Kamal was not present there mentally.

Ferit had sensed his guest somewhat disturbed, confused and lost in his own thoughts. “Has he not liked my paintings?”, that was the first question that came to his mind. “But he has not yet seen my paintings properly”, his mind tried to cool him down. In fact Kamal was not in a position to see the paintings at all, particularly the

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