Thursday, 18 August 2011


                                                CHAPTER 9

Kamal had taken special care, not to expose in advance the subject of his new exhibition. He had not told anybody about what he had been working on. He had been keeping all his new paintings secret.

Kamal had always been tense before the opening of his every exhibition. But this time the situation was somewhat different. He was not only tense but content too. He had done something special this time. His paintings were going to make a mark this time. He had done something special. He was too eager for the day of opening of his exhibition.

That important day did come ultimately. His new exhibition was about to be opened at the local arts council exhibition hall. He was a well known artist, so there was quite a big gathering of art enthusiasts. The Chief Minister of the province was the chief guest. A good number of pressmen were present there; trying to catch the best of the moments in their cameras, and something attractive to be published in their newspapers the other morning.

Kamal was avoiding the pressmen, who were trying to have a pre-hand knowledge of the subjects of the  paintings put into the exhibition this time. They were a bit surprised to see Kamal avoiding them, otherwise on all previous occasions; he used to be very open to the pressmen. He however, clarified the situation, and told them that this time, he was they should first look at the pictures first, and then they should form their opinion about the paintings. “No previews this time, gentlemen,” he said to them politely, smiling.

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