Thursday, 18 August 2011


beautiful body was out of her black dress, which had given way under her last moment endeavors. Her Filipino type face was still there, lifeless. Mehmet turned his back from her.

The small red night bulb was unable to lit the whole room, but was contributing to the overall romantic atmosphere of the room. All of a sudden the red light had changed its character. The red light had been exhibiting the atmosphere of extreme hate and revenge. Nothing had changed, but everything had changed. There was no traffic down on the road. Istanbul was still sleeping.

Still panting, Mehmet was standing in the distant corner of the small room. The feeling of hate had given way to the feeling of farsightedness. .He was frightened. “Where should I take this dead body,” he asked himself. That was yet another problem.

He had taken his revenge. Deniz was dead. Now he had to make plan to find Susanta and Ferit. They were the next on his list.

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