Wednesday, 17 August 2011


He did want to be disturbed, so he had not only closed the door bell, but had also closed his telephone also. He wanted to concentrate. He did know that the two laptops were having close relationship with the problem, that he had found himself in since the morning.

He opened the two laptops. Both of them were showing the page of DEBBAGO opened. Kamal`s profile was automatic, and his profile page was there. His user name and passwords were already saved there. Ferit looked at the profile of Feriha. He had already saved her password and username .

Ferit started scrutinizing the profile of Kamal. He was delighted to know that he was an artist. At that moment he had realized how he had been commenting on his works, while looking at the paintings in his studio that morning. He further went into his photos section and found a good collection of his paintings. But that was not the appropriate time to enjoy the mastery of his art. Much serious work was in hand. He had had to find out, if there was any link between Kamal and Feriha.

He had sensed connection between the two. So far he had found two proofs. The photo of two tulips that Kamal had showed to him n the morning, was the photo of the painting that he had seen a little earlier, on the wall of Feriha`s house.

Secondly, the last message that he saw on the page of Kamal, had led him to the address of Feriha. Thirdly the username of Feriha and that of the sender of the message was the same ……Applegreen.  He realized the fact that Feriha and Applegreen were the same persons.

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