Wednesday, 17 August 2011


“What would I do of his dead body,” Mehmet was thinking, looking at Kamal. He had not yet worked out a plan, about disposing the dead body of Deniz. Situation would obviously go out of his hand, when he would be having two dead bodies in the house. He was busy making alternate plans.

Kamal`s eyes were fixed on the painting, hanging in front of him. Two pink tulips, with a couple of leaves. It was a simple painting.  During last few days he had seen the photo of that painting, so many times. He tried to bring the photo from his mind to match with the painting hanging on the wall. He started matching the two.

“Oh my God,” he had found the first difference. He became excited. The color of the curtains in the photo that he had been seeing for all those days was pink, but here in this room the same painting was hanging with white curtains on both of its sides.  “But this is not a difference of much importance,” his mind was not going to accept the logic. Indeed that was not an important difference. The wife of Mehmet might have changed the decoration of the room recently, and changed the pink curtains. That was the easiest clarification that could be brought forward.

But Kamal was that point “I have perhaps come to the wrong place,” he said to himself. Because his Applegreen was not married, here he had found a married lady. The decoration of the house too was different. He wanted to think more under the same presumption. He started concentrating.  But he needed time for that. “Only if he doesn’t disturb me,” he thought. Mehmet was in no rush. He had opened the television, and was too busy in watching the ongoing football match.

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