Wednesday, 17 August 2011


paintings with curtains on their side. The existence of two pink curtains on both side of the painting was the evidence to make him believe that the painting was hanging in a house. Her house?  Kamal did not want to shake his confidence. “yes, her house,” he said.

Secondly the quality of the photograph was not very professional. It was an ordinary photo taken by some amateur photographer.

So far, the analysis was logical. But was that sufficient to lead Kamal to her house?. Of course it was not sufficient. But there was nothing left to think on. But he was sure that this must not be the all, if at all it was the only clue that she had put.

He restarted scrutinizing the photo of the painting of the two tulips. “There must be something hidden in this painting,” he thought. “She must have put sufficient clues to lead me to her,” he continued thinking. “But does she really want me to find her and for that she has put clues that she want me to find,” that was still the most crucial question. But Kamal decided not to think over this question anymore. He had already entered into the next phase of the episode.

“What could be the other clue,” he continued thinking over that. He looked at the photograph of two daisies, more attentively. “Who is the artist of this painting,” the artist in him enquired. He wanted to know. He took his enlarging glass and started looking the signature of the artist on the right hand corner of the painting. It was there. There was no doubt in that, but it was difficult to read. He continued till he succeeded in reading the name of the artist.

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