Wednesday, 17 August 2011


continued. Then there were some photographs that she had taken from the albums of some of her friends. A photograph of a red colored motorcycle. One of a train crossing over a bridge in Japan. A photograph of some monkeys, taken from the National Geographic magazine.
Out of his keenness he had already copied all of these in his pc too.

There was nothing new. Suddenly he noticed the photo of the two tulips was missing from her array of photos.

He stood up suddenly and went to his drawer of photos. He was having a large collection of photographs which he had been cutting from various magazines. He started searching. It didn’t take him much time to find the needed one. A bunch of photographs in a small envelope.
Inside there were the print outs of all the photos from the profile page of Applegreen. “That’s it,” he laughed. He had found the needed photo.

That photograph was of a painting of two tulips, The painting was hanging on a white wall with pink curtains on its both sides. The caption under that was ……..i bought it yesterday.

That was the photo that was no more there on her profile page. She had deleted it. With that photo of two tulips in his hand, he asked himself. “Why has she deleted this photo?” The answer was simple. She had given him the clue and then deleted that clue.

Kamal looked again at that photo. But he had to understand the situation first. He was convinced that there must be a way in this photo that would lead him to her. But what that was? He wanted to be sure that he was not going to do any mistake whatever. The matter was very serious.

His mind, as usual started breaking the big problem into small portions, and started finding logical answers for each of them. First, he recalled the caption that she had written underneath the photo. That caption was sufficient to prove that the painting belonged to her. Secondly, the painting was hanging in her house. The photo was certainly taken by a mobile phone. “But she might have taken the photo in an art gallery, or took that from any internet site,” his mind came out with a question. But reason and logic prevailed. First, Kamal too was an artist, and he knew that no art gallery hung the

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