Wednesday, 17 August 2011


thinking a lot on that issue, but could never thought in the way as his mind had mentioned then.

She wanted him to find her.

Perplexed, Kamal was standing in centre of his studio. The young boy in the green shirt was looking direct into his eyes, smiling. Kamal, all of a sudden found himself under enormous pressure. He had never thought that she would have one day wanted him to find her.

“HOW CAN I FIND HER,” he asked himself with a very big question mark hanging over his head. He felt himself helpless. “But you had promised and challenged that you would find her,” his mind reminded him of the last discussion, that had taken place between them. “Yes, I did give her a challenge,” he said. But although he had given her a challenge, but according to him there was no way to find her, particularly when she had not given him any information about herself. “Who‘s she,” he asked himself. He did not know who she was, but he had had to find her.

Kamal, in his studio, had left the unfinished work, to think over the urgent problem, that he was having in his hand. “There must be some way to find her,” he was forcing himself to concentrate. Indeed there must be some clues. Kamal started bracing himself for the strenuous long marathon, ahead of him.

“Was there any clue, that she gave to me,” Kamal was thinking. Night had already passed. She had not opened her page. There was no movement on her page. Kamal, started scrutinizing her page, her profile, to find out if he

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